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Being born gay in the heart of the Baptist south was already going to be tough, but while taking his clients from drab to fab on a daily basis was a breeze, stylist Sterling Johnson found it much harder to make life easy on himself. With a clunker of a car, an elderly mother seeking comfort in her Pinot Grigio and a miniscule dating pool, Sterling felt his life was spiraling downward.

The arrival of a handsome Brit in the small southern horsey town of Oakville turns Sterling’s already upside down world on its head. Charlie is everything he ever wanted in a man – hot, stylish, sophisticated and needing to get married…but to a girl.

Wedding plans unfold with Sterling at the heart of the affair. His support crew of Palmetto Bar regulars include his BFF and English rose, Ginny, ex-pat Robert and his horsey friends and Charlie’s newly unfettered Catholic traveling companion Henrietta who upon arrival in the US has taken to heart the lines of the country song “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”.

Wed, White & Blue – First of The Sterling Chronicles by Sarah Eakin

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Copyright © 2016 Sarah Eakin wedDOG1

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